Saturday, June 14, 2008

Seed, Produce and Fruit

This is a weird title, I know. But you will see how I was inspired to name this blog when you finish reading my post.

I once lived in a basement apartment of the home of a lady named Fern Cooper. She was an elderly woman whose home was the center of peace.

I am reminded of how much she prayed. She committed everything and everyone to prayer as she worked out her salvation. Mrs. Cooper was fully committed to the work of Christ and the household of faith.

After about three or four months, I don't remember exactly. Mrs. Cooper asked if I wanted to live in the main part of the house. She was an elderly woman and needed help with things around the home. I became like family.

During that time, a man came to stay in my old apartment as he was visiting the Northern Virginia and D.C. area colleges. I was priviledged to be present to witness a miracle as he and Mrs. Cooper were getting acquainted.

Mrs. Cooper asked where he was from. He said, Garland Texas.
I could see intrigue in Mrs. Cooper's face. When she had opportunity to speak, she said, "Steve, I know this is a long shot since you are much younger. But do you know a man named Ken Moreland"?

Steve's face brightened with a smile and the sound of unbelief in his voice, "Ken Moreland! His son lead me to Christ!"

Mrs. Cooper was in awe. She went on to tell of an old time hospital as the setting where she met Ken Moreland and his family.

Mrs. Cooper had been in an automobile accident fourty something years ago while in Texas. She stayed in the room with Ken Moreland's wife who was very ill and dying. Now, I did say this was a hospital of "old times". Mrs. Cooper explained that hospitals put people where they could in those days.

When Ken and his family came to visit Mrs. Moreland, Mrs. Cooper would always offer a prayer. Mrs. Moreland past away in that hospital room. Some months later, Mrs. Cooper received a note from Ken Moreland thanking Mrs. Cooper for her prayers. He announced that he had accepted the Lord.

I could put the events of fourty years togeather very easily. In fact, when I went to church that following Sunday, I told of the miracle I had witnessed. I said, (including everything I already said above that I will not reiderate) that God had allowed Mrs. Cooper to see that the seed she planted in Ken Moreland was continuing to produce fruit.


Vicki said...

I love this story. We don't always get to see the fruits that we bare.

Sometimes it is a kind word, a smile, or a simple prayer that makes all the difference for another person.

thekingpin68 said...

My reply and thanks very much, Jim:)

satire and theology said...

Hi, Jim

I have completed our 3 for 2 blog linking and thanks again. I added your blogs to my Technorati list as well.

A pleasure to meet you and there is always more for all of us to learn. For example, I do not know much about plumbing and such.


jeleasure said...

Thanks Russell,
I am very pleased to meet you. If you do not mind, I will be asking a lot of questions. Learning is one of God's great gifts to men.
Your links are posted on my three blogs. I work hard at promoting them. So, I hope you will receive a lot of traffic.
Have a good evening.