Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blogger Lashes on James Dobson

In wanting to give this post more exposure, I determined to post it as text to my blog. It is as follows:

James Leasure Says: July 1st, 2008 at 8:03 pm
Let’s face it. The real problem is not who speaks for us. It is 'we can’t speak for ourselves.'
About two months ago, The American Family Association announced on air, that “only six percent of all people who call themselves Christians truly understand the core message of the Bible. I am about to take issue with some of these beliefs.

The idea I want to cover is the misconception of what love is. Speaking in terms of what the adverage pew sitter or the non-Christian's feelings or assumptions are.

The uneducated and the narow minded nominal Christians do not permit Christians the right to preserve the Church. As soon as a Christian attempts to redirect a nominal Christian on his misunderstanding, the nominal Christian and the non-Christian become defensive and begin to attempt to pursuade the media and shallow individuals of the church that the Christian is out of line. Perhaps, the media will promote the anti - Christian aggenda and cause people to fear taking up (and rightfully so) a defense for the church. The nominal Christian loves to use this phrase:"He should be speaking in love!". And the uneducated keep their mouths shut, even though their consciences tell them they know better.

Is this not the scenario James Dobson has found himself in? Is the church not attacking Dobson and standing in defiance against Christ when it takes part with the world to defend Obama’s errant theology? Let’s take a look at what Jesus did when he enterred the Temple for the last time prior to his crucifixion. The scene is of The Temple prior to Passover. People have turned it into an opportunity to sell unblemished, sacrificially acceptable animals for atonement and various offerings of the five types. Jesus came to the Temple and found all manner of Greed and rivalry. (Some background information: This Temple is at this time called the House of Yeweh)Jesus is disgusted and begins turning the tables over and driving people out with a whip. Why? Because this place was the House of God. The lesson here is that we should protect it.

Now, fast forward to this day. The Bible tells us that God takes residence in the Church. Not the building, but resides in the people. So, when a man like Obama comes and begins to unite all of the periphal Christians, nominally belonging to the church in such numbers that what they say church should be like is in fact what most churches today are like.

The homosexual becomes a pastor of a congregation. This person does not want to hide his sexual preferrence any more. So, he has enough influence to encourage his congregassion that absolute values are old and not a part of the new covenant.

T.D. Jakes, whom used to say how appauled at abortion he was has now united himself with Barak Obama. Obama, a man who has said he would have his own grandchildren aborted than to allow his daughters to live with a "mistake", believes in the killing of babies after they have broken through the womb. I may as well say it here: With all of the errant theology this man has displayed, the media phenominon playing bias games and the encouragement our young people are finding in this man, who does he really remind you of?

Where is T.D. Jakes on these issues as he endorces Obama? The color of Obama’s skin has changed the affectiveness and validity of sound, fundemental, theology. Jakes claimes to have had "goose bumps" at the thought of watching a black man receive the Democratic party nomination. He has taken a completely different posture than the man I met 10 years ago through his ministry. Not that having a black person being the next President of The United States of America is wrong. What is wrong is this man!

Now, to you who think I am not acting correctly as a Christian, especially when you see the title of one of my blogs, "Love One Another" look at what God said to Joshua. Listen as Joshua was about to struggle to take Israel, (God’s People) into the land God chose for His Name and His people. God said, “Be Strong and courageous”.

Jesus, upon his discovery of what people were doing to the house of God purged the Temple of its’ uncleanliness. This is what James Dobson and several other “Unpopular” evangelicals are doing. They are defending the House of God, The Church as God set up his home in us. If I speak in terms that are not popular, appear to be judgemental or harsh, it is because you (the author in which I am responding to) are in error and you are encouraging others to join you. And, NOT ONLY ARE CHRISTIANS being mislead by you, but
And so, I am fearful for your soul as you attempt, with complete ignorance as to what you say you are qualified to teach, that you are one of the people Christ speaks to when He says,
"Not everyone who says to me,Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven".

You may say, This guy does not know that Jesus said “Love One Another”. Yes, I do. In fact, that is the title of my manuscript and the only law of the New Testament. Love means to look out for the best interest of others. That is what I am doing. Go on and mouth off in your blog ,(speaking as a reply to the author of the article I am responding to). I am concerned for all people. My reason for mouthing off on your blog is to defend the Church, which you are part of. I want for you what God wants with you. God wants a relationship. And, not only does God desire a relationship with you, but all who you mislead; Christian and non-Christian. How can our society claim to love God and hate its brethren? If I permit a Christian to error and not bring him back to a restored center of volition that occomodates a relationship with God, I am not loving God, because I would not love my brother enough to help restore him. He wants to be a homosexual preacher. You say, o.k., let me do my part to make it happen. (I do not personnaly attack you with this. This is a generalization for whomever wants to claim it).

Jesus said, as you have quoted below, “Love one another. As I have loved you, so must you love one another. By this, all men will know you are my disciples if you love one another”.

The Bible tells a story of a man found beaten and lying in a ditch. Are you the man who will leave him to die there? Or, will you help restore him? This is what we are supposed to do with the brethren who have no understanding of God or who have abandon God’s commands to live holy lives. We are to restore them. Not encourage them by helping them to pass laws that will aid their agenda. This is not love. We are aiding these Christians to parish eternally. And what will your part be in it?

Brother or sister, whomever you are. You (the writer I am responding to) do not understand that the Only law that matters and spans the Bible is Love One Another. In our translations of the scripture, this verse is mistranslated. The evidence of it being mistranslated, if you can not read the Koine Greek, is the fact that “Love your neighbor as yourself” from Leviticus 19:18 is the same as “Love One Another”. So, the only newness about it when Jesus is translated to have said, “A new command I give you, Love One Another” is by virtue of the word “Command” being “Law”. Now it makes sense. The New Covenant vs. The Old Covenant. The New Testament vs. the Old Testament. The New Law, Vs. the Old law.“Love One another” is a new Law by virtue of Jesus having fulfilled the Old Law and putting it to rest for anyone who will claim faith in Christ to have done that.

What God created man for is relationship.

We were created with a free will that we would edify God in our desire to commune with him and one another. The problem has become one issue with many different facits. Man kind believes that they were created for self. You can choose self. God has not bound you to a relationship with Him. In fact, if you were bound to God, it would not be a relationship. However, there are, (in my opinion) unfavorable results for choosing self. That is why Adam and Eve were found with Sin. The very essence of sin is self indulgence without consideration to a relationship with God. The list below is entirely unaligned with God’s desire for man.

No, Dobson does not speak for you. He does not because Dobson is a teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And you, you have determined to live life for yourself. And somehow, you believe you are not party to the people whom Jesus has said, “Not every one who says to me Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven".

This is what you (the author I am responding to) quoted on your blog: These are the words you intend for the ignorant an uninformed to stumble on and admire for their convincing tone "as a resounding gong".....(see directly below)

"James Dobson doesn’t speak for me.
He doesn’t speak for me when he uses religion as a wedge to divide;
He doesn’t speak for me when he speaks as the final arbiter on the meaning of the Bible;
James Dobson doesn’t speak for me when he uses the beliefs of others as a line of attack;
He doesn’t speak for me when he denigrates his neighbor’s views when they don’t line up with his;
He doesn’t speak for me when he seeks to confine the values of my faith to two or three issues alone;
What does speak for me is David’s psalm celebrating how good and pleasant it is when we come together in unity;
Micah speaks for me in reminding us that the Lord requires us to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with Him;
The prophet Isaiah speaks for me in his call for all to come and reason together and also to seek justice, encourage the oppressed and to defend the cause of the vulnerable;
The book of Nehemiah speaks for me in its example to work with our neighbors, not against them, to restore what was broken in our communities;
The book of Matthew speaks for me in saying to bless those that curse you and pray for those who persecute you;
The words of the apostle Paul speak for me in saying that words spoken and deeds done without love amount to nothing.
The apostle John speaks for me in reminding us of Jesus’ command to love one another. The world will know His disciples by that love.
These words speak for me. But when James Dobson attacks Barack Obama, James Dobson doesn’t speak for me.".


thekingpin68 said...

Jesus is disgusted and begins turning the tables over and driving people out with a whip. Why? Because this place was the House of God. The lesson here is that we should protect it.

The pastor is to protect his church, as can elders. The theologian, Bible scholar, Christian philosopher, apologist and educated church member can also defend the church.

The homosexual becomes a pastor of a congregation. This person does not want to hide his sexual preference any more. So, he has enough influence to encourage his congregassion that absolute values are old and not a part of the new covenant.

This is why although anyone respectful should be able to attend church, only those committed to living Biblical standards by God's grace should be members.

Man kind believes that they were created for self. You can choose self.

This is a corruption we should struggle against with God's help.


jeleasure said...

Thanks Russ,
This is the message I was working on late lastnight. Unlike yourself, the later it gets, the further behind I get.
It was full of errors and misspelled words. So, today, I edited it.
Thanks for not pointing that out.
Thank you for elaborating on my text with insight for our readers. For me, it is all about the life and the message. You appear to stand for this cause, as well. Only with satire blended theology.

Vicki said...

Love does not mean everything goes. It does not require that we must lay down our morality, our understanding of right and wrong. It is possible to love the sinner and to hate the sin.
I thank God that we live in a country free will exists. I don't have to agree with homosexuality being normal because animals are homosexual, non discriminant in thier acts. They also eat dung. Does that mean it is good and natural for humans to do the same?
There is a right and wrong. There is sin to avoid. There are lost souls who need to be loved into the kingdom.
When it comes to politics, we need to stand up for our strictest beliefs. It was good for James Dobson to voice his thoughts about Barak Obama's liberal theology.

jeleasure said...

Thank you for telling me you understand what I've written. Thank you for elaborating.
Love, your husband.

Angela said...

Very good post. The video I posted last week adresses the issue of not everyone who cries "Lord, Lord" will enter heaven. Life with God means daily interaction, daily discipline, and daily repentance. Not a once uttered prayer and a life of selfish indulgence. I am sad that Mr. Jakes would turn his back on the Lord to promote someone just because their skin color is the same. Ummm..isn't appearance one of the LEAST important things God values? The common bond must be Christ, or our foundation is sinking sand. We can be reminded that if we let ourselves slip a little, it is easy to get off the path and get lost. We can't concede our values. If it doesn't line up with God's word, it's just NOT OKAY. I hope you are having a Happy Fourth.

jeleasure said...

Hi Angela,
Hope you are enjoying your Fourth of July.

Thanks for looking at the comment I posted here concerning "nominal Christianity", Or via title, "Blogger Lashes on James Dobson".

I just wanted to give you a look at how we are to defend the church, even against Christians who claim to have a Christ centered life.

You are very much in the mission field. This is what God has called you to with this Nominal, periphal Christian you work with. You are doing a good job in telling him you do not have answers and then searching for them. Part of what I want to discuss via email is what some of the people you are interacting with via comments believe.

One of the guys whom you have exchanged comments with for a while, follows my blog, then goes to people with his theological slant. So, please do allow me to discuss this with you via email. His ideology is supported by a denomination of Christianity. In fact, it sounds very good until you consider 'free will'. This is one of his most studied angles on Christian doctrine. So, if you wave email interaction and begin to get confused on issues of God's grace because of this guy, send me an email.

Jeff said...

T.D. Jakes is supporting Obama? Wow, that's a bit shocking! It sounds like maybe T.D. Jakes is putting his race before following Christ!

Vicki said...

Hi Jeff,
I have not been by to visit your page in a few days. I'll make it over there in a few minutes.
T.D. Jakes and several other Black American Evangelicals are disappointing me. I expect them to want to have a black president. It would be good for them to feel that the country has reconciled. However, that is where the problem stems. Reconciliation at the expense of the wrong man. Colin Powel would make a wonderful President in the fact that he has the humility, being that he already turned down the attempt to nominate him as a candidate. Powel said, "This is a calling I have not yet heard."

Powel also has the military background to effectively be "Commander in Cheif". Obviously, he can not do everything, that would be why he would choose a reliable cabinet.

Obama is attempting stunts with his ideas that we can do more to "decrease the numbers concerning abortion".

Kansas Bob said...

I am not sure that Dr Dobson will indeed vote.. I think that Dr Dobson has traded his prophetic voice for a political one.. sad how he seems to think that it is his responsibility to judge Fred Thompson's faith and give Newt Gingrich a pass on his violation of the marriage covenant.