Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blog Items to Revisit

Missed it the firtst time? Below is a list of links to a few of my favorite blog items on Jornaling For Growth.

Living Water

The Way, The Truth The Life: What is it? Discussion on the Jewish Male Child's Education

Family Image

Sheep And Goats

Sheep Eat From Tables and Drink From Cups

The Jewish Wedding Ceremony


satire and theology said...

It is difficult to get fellow bloggers to dig into one's archives. Usually I find my archive comments come from persons that find the article on-line.

I also think some people could 'duck' other readers by leveling criticisms against the blog owner and his/her writing by 'hiding out' in the archives.

Vicki said...

Thanks Russ (from Jim logged in under confussion),
I'll keep this in mind. I received a comment in my email inbox stating that I did a good job. Not sure which one this person is referring to. Another drawback from using archived material.
Innitially, I thought it would be commented in the most recent post, which would be the list of archived material. Now, I have someone emailing me telling me that I did a good job. Shish!
So much for good intentions. Which one did I do a good job on? Maybe they have spent the evening reading all of them. What do you think? Yeah, that's the ticket - John Lovett

thekingpin68 said...

Jim and Vicki

On commenting

Since I have my own blogs to work on, links to comment on, and new blogs to look for, I do not personally comment in archives often. I email out archived links from my blogs when someone like Dan wants to argue and I leave it up to my readers if they want to comment.

They may be too busy and trash the email. I do not take it personally.

Yes, I do not expect everyone to respond to me every time. By the way, I hope Dan takes the hint and does return. He is teetering on trolldom.

I mentioned scanning previously in emails, but will touch on it again. When I comment after scanning an article and getting an idea of what it is about, I may pick one idea from the work (overlooking others I have viewed) and deal with that concept. This allows me to write many accurate comments from blogs in a reasonable amount of time. If I was to read all the articles from 60+ blogs 3 or 4 times for near maximal understanding of entire posts, I would not be able to leave many comments, because of time restraints and fatigue, which would hurt many of us involved in networking who want comments. I would also likely receive fewer comments in return and fewer links.

I have told Jeff via private email several times my theory that comments generate interest and so when a stranger sees a blog with 0s by article comments they may think no one cares about this blog and so what should I? Good bye!

I would much prefer many comments with scan reads than very few comments with very thorough reads of let's face it, my numerous tedious, but I hope important articles. And besides who wants constant dialogue and debate with long comments, most of us do not have the time, and to be blunt, even when one knows more than the other person, it is still very time consuming to debate and often it is a big pain!

I hope this clarifies my views for you, Jim.



jeleasure said...

I would have accepted 'foggy vision' as a good enough reason for walking away from the computer.
But the latter was much clearer an explaination.
It is difficult to understand if one is not addressing 60+ articles a day.
Do you still want me to send people to network with?

satire and theology said...

It is difficult to understand if one is not addressing 60+ articles a day.
Do you still want me to send people to network with?

It is not 60+ posts a day, but 60+ blogs (not necessarily one post per blog) within a week and 20-30 hours of intense work. My own postings are quite technical, especially now that satire and theology is an academic blog too. Everything I write, I hope is near perfect, although I make mistakes and revise. How could I expect to grow my blogs by intensely reading all posts I find, several times?

Another secret, Jim, and it is one reason I have almost four degrees. One should only read thoroughly again and again what needs to be, and one should scan the rest. I was taught that at my BA level, although I already did it. So for my PhD thesis proper, everything is read very intensely, many, many, times, BUT NOT everything I glanced at for the PhD research, most of that was scanned.

Of course we will still share links, I have new ones on s&t and thk68 which you are welcome to check out, but with more links we still only have so much time. More links means less time to comment per blog!


Tamela's Place said...

Hi Jim,

Go to Tamela's place and receive your blessing and see what your blog means to me. God bless you!

Christinewjc said...

Hi Jim,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting! What a terrific point you made - and you backed it up with a great Scripture verse!

It looks like this is you "main" blog, so I decided to leave my comment here.

I would be glad to add you to my blogroll! Just added Tamela today, too! Looking forward to many wonderful conversations.

God bless you, your wife, and all of your animals!

In Jesus,

preacherman said...

Thanks for sharing this with us Jim. Great stuff!

~ Lindy ~ said...

hey jim...
thanks for visiting my blog. my comment about having read the Bible 5 times wasn't meant at all to put any guilt on anyone or imply anyone did not measure up. (not that you inferred that...just want to clarify) i am absolutely supportive and encouraging of anyone who is even in God's word in the LEAST amount. that particular blog post was meant to encourage others simply to go deeper. feels SO good!!! i truly love serving Christ and am here if anyone needs any encouragement, etc. Serving Him... Lindy

Cheryl Russell said...

Ooooh nice. Some good stuff in there. I look forward to reading it more in depth! God Bless!

jeleasure said...

Hi Lindy,
No, I did not think anything of your statement having been an attack or an insult to anyone.
thanks for stopping by.